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 “THE LEGEND OF BUDDY NUGGS was inspired by the saga of DIXIE GABLES, Eastern Washington’s famed “Ganja Grandma”. Gables was a pot farmer out of the Tri-Cities who claimed to have fused human DNA into her signature cannabis strain. What began as a side hustle quickly blossomed into a homegrown criminal empire, eventually catching the attention of Federal authorities in the spring of 1972. Gables fled to Amsterdam and soon fell off the grid. Her cohorts, mostly family members, were either gunned down or imprisoned. While Gables has long since disappeared, Pasco locals recount tales of her legendary weed to this day. Using this fascinating story as a jumping off point, we kept coming back to the concept of “cannabis strain as series antagonist”. What if a marijuana bud developed sentience? What if it had a personal agenda? It soon became obvious that “Buddy Nuggs” would be a love story.

And like all love stories, it was going to get ugly.

TEAM BUDDY NUGGS is excited to start production on this timeless saga in the Fall of 2022.