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Derek Sheen

Derek Sheen is a stand-up comedian from Seattle. He has released four albums on Stand Up! Records, most recently 2020’s Macho Caballero.

Drew Hunt of the Chicago Reader noted that Sheen’s comedy can be “highly personal or emotionally transparent” and compared him to Brian Posehn for his “delivery and lucid, streetwise worldview.”

Dylan Noebels

Dylan is an actor, writer and producer.

He received a B.F.A from Longwood University in 1999 shortly before moving to Seattle where he has acted in many a terrible production and a few brilliant ones.

In the stable of leading men for RAWSTOCKProductions he has been delighted to play an empathic WASHROOM ATTENDANT, STEVE DAVVERS, for five episodes and Eugene Flanders, the groom in I MARRIED A TOWEL (pts 1-3.) He fell in love with a Sasquatch in LOVE’S LEFT BEHIND and battled with tiny tooth junkies in THE TOOTH FAIRY, which was ‘like popping bubble wrap…made of meat.’

When not taking acting very seriously, he jokes around as a professional yoga teacher all over the Puget Sound Region and tries to stay married to the mother of his children.

Andras Jones

A veteran of multiple feature films & TV shows Andras encountered Rawstock during a self-imposed exile from Hollywood in which he played the role of a bartender at several trendy Seattle night spots. Jones is proud to admit he was fired from every one of these semi-prestigious gigs, and for each dismissal he has bar-worthy story. It was during this indelible time that Jones found himself used (some might say mis-used by the gentlemen of Rawstock in whose ribald tomfoolery this once promising talent found a renewed passion for acting on film, even if it came at the expense of his last ounce of dignity. It is in this spirit that Andras Jones is proud to embark on yet another serendipitous dive into the realm of Rawstock, and the world of Buddy Nuggs.

Natalie Berg

Natalie is a dancer and actor.

For 17 years Natalie studied dance in Tacoma, WA. Performing in classical ballets such as Les Sylphides, The Nutcracker, and Cinderella under the direction of Kabby Mitchell III (Pacific Northwest Ballet alum) and Noël Mason (Joffrey Ballet alum), as well as new modern and contemporary pieces under the direction of Kate Monthy (Spectrum Dance Theatre alum) and Nancy Kadel (Martha Graham Company alum).

In 2016 Natalie turned her creative focus to acting. Working primarily in Seattle theatre, she made her premiere in Ghost Light Theatricals’ Kayface: Scenes from a Squared Ring, and later performed in Macha Theatre Works’ Sheathed, and Copious Love’s The Wild Boar of Chernobyl.

Natalie moved to Los Angeles in the spring of 2021 and looks forward to another creative shift by exploring on-camera work.

Ayla Rose Barreau

Ayla is an actress, dancer and producer. Known for her versatility and aptitude for physical comedy, Ayla has starred in Alternate Endings, Glee, and The Busker. Along with acting, Ayla volunteers with the Young Storytellers Association and IKAR. Ayla is the niece of the first female president of Haiti.

Justin Jerome

Jerome is a writer, director and dreamweaver based in Seattle, Wa. He conceived of BUDDY NUGGS while paddle-boating Greenlake during a lighting storm.